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  • Managing Project Focus Training

    I received my original GTD education from the Mastering Workflow Seminar that David Allen gave at my employer's corporate headquarters. However, I didn't know that a second part exists: Managing Project Focus.

    I learned about this from this PDF file: GTD - Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities. I'd like to learn some of the material that's covered in this seminar, but I don't have the means to actually attend one.

    Has anyone in the forum attended this training? Is the same material covered in the original book? I'd really like to know more about this part of GTD.


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    You can find all of that in David's book "Getting Things Done"


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      Managing Project Focus is a stand-alone class we do on the Natural Planning Model, focus and brainstorming pieces of GTD. It's also covered in day two of the Managing Workflow, Projects and Priorities class.

      It's a great class, especially since it goes into so much detail on the Natural Planning Model. It's not taught as a "public" course right now, but often companies will bring it in for grads of the one-day Mastering Workflow course.

      In the GTD book, the Natural Planning Model starts on page 54.