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New to GTD - Application Recommendations?

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  • New to GTD - Application Recommendations?

    I'm a new follower of GTD and jumping in with both feet. I'm looking for some advice on the best application to use to support GTD. I'm a PC and Blackberry user. I know the Outlook add in is recommended by the company but I have seen a lot of other tools out there as well like MyLife and OmniPro, etc. Can anyone steer a new user in the right direction. Thanks so much.;

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    I used the Palm Desktop for years before switching to paper, simply because my former workplace used Eudora (which lacks a list manager) for email instead of Outlook. But the Netcentrics Outlook add-in you mentioned is by far the most recommended suggestion for Windows users. Remember the Milk is a good online task manger with Google Gears integration, allowing it to be used offline. You can also set it up to send and receive reminders via email, SMS or a Twitter bot.

    But I would highly recommend using a paper system for at least a couple of weeks if you're new to GTD. It's a good idea to focus on parsing out projects, next actions and calendar entries rather than splitting your mental throughput between methodology and technology. If you've been using GTD for a few weeks, you probably know how to handle the content of your task management, so moving to a digital platform won't steeping your learning curve.


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      I have a hybrid system. The digital side of my system uses only my computer's default text editor. I need nothing more complicated.


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        Do you mean OmniFocus? If so, that's a mac GTD program.

        If you're a digital person, I would recommend setting up your system that way from the start. I think it would slow you down too much to set-up a paper system, then go digital later.

        I would however recommend staying simple, simple, simple with it.


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          Paper Is Good - I Like Jello

          I would second the recommendation to first try a paper based system.

          That said, I too use outlook and a blackberry and this is a question I spent a long time researching and trying out different options for. I finally settled on using Jello Dashboard. It is an outstanding outlook plugin, and the way it does categories for context works great with GTD.

          It's free and in "beta" but it has always worked great for me.


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            Focus on the BB

            Another view - use the Blackberry as you'll have it with you all the time, have Outlook as your backup. Google around for Blackberry and GTD:

            Tips here:


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              All great input. Thanks so much. I'm leaning towards paper to start so I get the system down and then move over to digital when I feel comfortable. Appreciate the responses.


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                Originally posted by kennedyccc View Post
                I'm leaning towards paper to start so I get the system down and then move over to digital when I feel comfortable.
                Perfect approach in my view. Having a working system will lead to success far more than any of the tools. It's hard for someone like me to resist the temptation to play with all the nice shiny toys but it's what is needed to get the basics in place.

                Good luck.


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                  Read the David Allen book!

                  When I started gtd last year, I looked for all the available informations about GTD. I read - for the second time - the book of David Allen and i found there all the required informations. I bought also GTD & Outlook @ the GTD store, and it helped me a lot to set in the better way my Outlook!

                  The difficult thing is to apply every day the basic system and not the kind of support. Because you have the best

                  Welcome aboard