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GTD Supplies in the UK???

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  • GTD Supplies in the UK???


    I'm trying to find things like the files with tabs, a desk file and similar items to make up a GTD system including a Tickler File in the UK, but struggling to find similar stationery products - can anyone recommend a supplier for these items??

    On the subject of tickler files, I was hoping to make something portable, I'm guessing that I could use the files for each day and then put them in some sort of expanding file, but wanted one with no inserts or anything so that I can slip it into a laptop bag when travelling.

    Kind Regards,


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    I quite like Viking Direct.
    The selection and prices are fairly good and a bonus is that you can collect Nectar points if you go through the Nectar online portal.
    The delivery times are also excellent if you need your bits and pieces in a hurry.


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      Portable tickler

      Originally posted by rossbale View Post
      On the subject of tickler files, I was hoping to make something portable, I'm guessing that I could use the files for each day and then put them in some sort of expanding file, but wanted one with no inserts or anything so that I can slip it into a laptop bag when travelling.
      Hi Ross

      I am a trainer and I travel 40% of the time, another 40% I spend in my local office (where I hotdesk) and the rest of the time I am at home so I needed something flexible. I haven't found anything in the UK but I treated myself to the Davidco system folders then later the tickler files and last month to the standing rack and file folders. Then I use the zip pouch that I got at the roadmap seminar in London last year (which you can buy on the site) to hold my travel pack which is the In, Action Support, To Home, To Office and Read/Review from the system folders plus the tickler files for the days I am away and any project files I need for the trip. It works really well. I haven’t worked out the total cost including the import bills but I am really pleased with the result.

      I have uploaded some photos here

      The zip pouch works for me because I have a wheeled laptop case which is big but you could put them straight into a laptop bag.

      I have no affiliation with Davidco other than as a satisfied customer.

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        I had originally done a long post with direct links, but the system seems to have eaten it! I'll offer a slightly condensed version with some ideas instead.

        Portable tickler file: If you need a desktop tickler as well, search for Decoflex or Really Useful Box. I like the latter because you can fasten the top and take it with you. If you want a really portable solution (here I'm assuming that you'll only be transporting a portion of your ticklers, because 43 folders can take up some room) you could try a simple document wallet like this, although you can get them anywhere. The idea is that you would take the folders you need from your tickler, stick them in the wallet, and bring them back when you return. If you want to carry all your ticklers, you could probably fit them into a legal wallet.

        As for the folders themselves, I would look for "square cut folders" and get a decent thick card and ignore the brand names. The main point of manilla folders in the GTD system is that they're cheap and easy to find (in the US, anyway) and offer a large area for labelling. You can fulfill those requirements with square tabbed folders, though they don't look as nice, and you'll be paying £5-10 per box compared to £25-35 per box for the Avery tabbed folders.


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          Uk supplier

          Please, have a look here!


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            UK GTD Gear Suppliers


            I've wrestled with this myself quite a bit since moving to the UK just over year ago now. Here's the word from our partner, Ed Lamont:

            Most of the file folders you buy have one – or a series of – lines/dents across the bottom of the folder. If you fold them there (about 1-2cm up the front from the way they are delivered) then the tab with the label sits higher up and pops up out of the hanging file folder, and you can throw the little crystal thingmoes in the bin, where they belong.

            For completeness sake, to do the other alternative, using no suspension files(which is what David actually recommends), is to buy a filing cabinet from Bisley with slots in the bottom for ‘compression plates’ (which need to be purchased separately). The plates go in behind the files and support them leaning against each other, and you can move them back as you get more files in the drawer.

            My take: using the former system, you have better optics but your system is almost automatically 2-3x the size it would be without the suspension files. Using the latter you need a lot less space, but it can look a bit messy.

            There you go.

            UK file folders website ref:


            Happy filing,

            Edward Lamont
            Next Action Associates
            Certified International Partner of The David Allen Company
            Good luck!


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              Depending on what you use your tickle file for, you can make a miniature one using index cards or index-card-sized pieces of paper, folded into little folders or just lying flat between the items which would also be index-card-sized, for example little notes referring to larger documents you can find elsewhere.

              Or you can put your whole tickle file into one folder (to avoid carrying the weight of all those folders) and write the date near the edge of each item you insert (or the first item for each day).