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What style of Karate does David Allen practice?

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  • What style of Karate does David Allen practice?


    I was recently wondering what style of Karate David Allen practices and which "dan" he's got in it, since he refers to his training very often.

    I am myself a novice practitioner of Kyokushin Karate, which is on the very "hard" end of the soft/hard Karate style scale and so I find it somewhat challenging to relate what David Allen talks about his Karate training to my own training.

    That makes me even more interested about his karate background. Are there any videos of him sparring on the Web?



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    It's my understanding that, although karate can strike with great force, such power is achieved through internal relaxation and flexibility. This might be a question for your teacher.

    My own experience with karate (Shindo-ryu) is extremely limited, though, so I could easily be mistaken.



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      Impact Force

      Well, you're half-way there. It's pure physics, actually.

      Since impact force is positevely proportional to mass and velocity, in order to hit harder you need to:

      1. Gain mass. With proper technique you can put much of your body into the blow, not just the striking limb. You can further improve on this by weight training, which is commonplace among Kyokushin practitioners.

      2. Increase velocity. Fists and feet can travel faster when respective muscles in your arms and legs are relaxed rather than tensed.

      Well, I didn't want to mean that I don't actually understand what he's saying, it's rather that I'm curious about much of it being substantially different from my style's way of doing things. His style seems to be very soft in general, not only when actually hitting stuff.

      Do you happen to know something about his Karate background?
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