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  • Transfer from Notebook

    I'm getting fairly good at universal capture, and have even invested in a Moleskine notebook. My question: once I transfer information out of my notebook to where it belongs (usually To Do in Lotus Notes) I want to discard the notebook page. It does not seem easy to tear out a page in Moleskine without destroying the notebook.

    I hope this doesn't seem like a trivial question, but what do GTDers do to remove notebook pages?

    Thanks for any response.

    (This is my first contribution)

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    As you mentioned, Moleskine notebooks really aren't made to be destroyed like that. You'd be better off with a different kind of notebook if you want to tear out pages.


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      I date each page of my Moleskine and then capture many actions on one page. Then when I process that page, I just put a red check mark over it or mark through it. That way, I have a reference going back in time. I use this in meetings also and take notes/write actions in one central place.


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        I haven't solved this problem yet myself as I just switched to using my Moleskine as a UCT when I started school a few weeks ago. I'm thinking I might chop of the corners of pages that I'm done with--this works super well in my Planner Pad because it gives an automatic "thumb index" to the current page.


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          I put plastic tab or tape-flag on the upper outside of the last unprocessed page. I also put one on the lower outside of edge of the next clean page or page that I am using as my Inbox. As I move through the notebook, the tabs move with me. Everything before the first tab is already processed. Everything after the last tab is clean sheets of paper. Everything between the tabs are notes to be processed (my inbox contents).


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            Originally posted by Sfreedman View Post
            once I transfer information out of my notebook to where it belongs (usually To Do in Lotus Notes) I want to discard the notebook page.
            Rather than a nice expensive moleskin I'd look for a different type of notebook.

            I use cheap spiral bound 3x5 notebooks I get at the drugstore as my capture device. Easy to tear out the pages and if one drops in the manure or gets stepped on by a sheep it's no big deal. They are just small enough for me to carry in my belt pouch that has my camera, cell phone, a pen and my sheep sheet and by the time the spiral binding is getting mashed I'm almost out of pages.

            I also make up stapled pads from the daily calendar pages from a tear off desk calendar and use those as well.

            For me any piece of scratch paper is good enough for a capture device. What I care about is how it's processed and that I have it in my computer and my phone eventually.


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              I love my Moleskine, which is my UCT. I draw a line down the left side of the page so that the items are lined up. Each one has a little circle on the left side of the line. I check them off as I process them into my system. When a page is done processing I put a checkmark in the upper right corner. The ribbon bookmark tells me where my latest page is. When the notebook is full I label and keep it and start another one. I don't see any need to destroy the used pages.

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