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Looking for Suggestion on applying GTD to Dispatching

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  • Looking for Suggestion on applying GTD to Dispatching

    I am a recently new user to the GTD concept and I am having great success with it except for one issue. One of the jobs I do is for a Union. I am dispatching freelance proffessionals to work calls on a daily basis and I dont know how to intigrate this particularily specialized job. As an example I received 10 calls this week to dispatch members to work. Each having some special requirements like time place qualifications required and such. I then take those dispatches and begin calling from a master list of members by seniority. I make 10-15 calls a day and then wait 8hrs for calls to be returned to a pager. I then repeat the process down the list till all dispatches are filled. I use an Access data base to track who takes what calls and such. I guess my question is how to integrate "actions" and "waiting for" in this mass quantity. You see if I treat each call as a project the members I call are actions and the tracking alone on my outlook becomes enormously time consuming. Who's called back who am I waiting to hear from and such. Any suggestions or trick would be appreciated .



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    I'd suggest just pulling an "@phone despatches" and an "@waiting despatches " query off your Access db and work directly off these.

    This would be integrated enough for me, though no doubt there are clever people out there who could do better!


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      Reviewing current "action" lists

      Hi Brett,

      From what I read, it sounds like you have an "inventory" that you review as much as you need to to stay current.

      It appears that you have areas (a list of names) that you review to trigger your next actions. ("Am I still waiting?" "Should I call again to check in?")

      Whether you need to incorporate the "projects" in with your outlook system or not will be up to the ease of review. Try it both ways, the current way of reviewing and an integration of the sort you describe in your note.