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gtd implemenation on outlook 2003

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  • gtd implemenation on outlook 2003

    Has anyone attempted to implement gtd on microsoft outlook 2003? I had purchased the gtd add on, but netcentrics claims that the software is NOT compatible with outlook 2003....

    Appreciate hearing about experiences anyone has had with this.

    Kind regards,

    Mike R.

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    only one inconvenience

    When I open an email in Outlook 2003 I get the following message:

    "Failed to refresh command bar values"

    I have to hit the OK button several times to get rid of the dialog box. This is frustrating, but other than that it seems to work well with 2003


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      GTD & Outlook 2003

      I have had the same experience: needing to click OK 'cause refresh did not occur. It is time consuming and today, I have had to click OK many times *each* time the msg occurs. I sent an error report to netcentric and rec'd a reply w/instructions and have not had chance to implement. Will do so and see if that makes any difference. To be continued...