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Where to keep projects

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  • Where to keep projects

    Here's a really basic question: Where do you keep your projects?

    I use the GTD Outlook Add-in quite successfully for handling email and actions but it's too fiddly for handling projects. I end up never looking at the list and it goes stale. I'd don't mind whether I use a manual or computer based system as long as it's easy and instinctive.

    What works for you?

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    re: Where to keep projects

    Most of the software out there focuses on the Project/Location Context/Very Next Action and not much more than that. But I needed something that handled every aspect of projects (e.g. dependencies, next actions, successful outcomes, standards, or vertical dimensions) without a super-complicated software program.

    So I designed a system on the mac that works for me. The following Quicktime presentations show how it works. Perhaps you could take some of the ideas and apply them to your own system. Hope some of it helps.
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      I use a spiral notebook for all of the projects or results I am trying to achieve. They are cheap, easy to use and easy to obtain

      Good Luck



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        As I've mentioned on other threads, I write my projects on a sheet of paper that I post on the door of my studio/office. I rewrite that project list every Monday as part of my Weekly Review.


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          Originally posted by Howard View Post
's too fiddly for handling projects. I end up never looking at the list and it goes stale.
          Howard, I think the keep point is that what ever you use, you need to make that project review happen as part of your weekly review.

          A simple paper or text file list may be all that you need.

          - Don


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            Microsoft OneNote


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              Tracking Projects


              Are you talking about your project list or your project support material?
              - Project Lists are held in a Moleskin cahier nice and manual!
              - Project Support materials either in a folder in Lotus notes if it is an email based project or an A4 manilla folder if it is paper based or as is the case most time a bit of a mixture I have both.

              Next actions tracked through Context lists in the Moleskin cahier.

              See my other post with the process flow to see how it hangs togetgher



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                Just the actual "stakes in the ground"

                Originally posted by w_i_t_n_a View Post
                Are you talking about your project list or your project support material?
                The list.

                I'm interested to know how people maintain their system of "stakes in the ground" without causing items which need attention to become invisible and neglected.


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                  Project List

                  Got It

                  Once upon a time in a previous iteration of my GtD system I used Lotus Notes Personal Journal with separate pages set up as contexts for next actions this was synced to a Palm Life Drive using mNotes.

                  Then the luddite in me took over and I went to the Moleskin Cahier as a simple paper based list tool. In reality having all my organising system in one place ie Lotus Notes was OK except that I found myself drawn to the dreaded inbox in case there was something more interesting that what I should be doing lurking in there.

                  Now with the Project List and Next actions all 'off line' I can ignore the inbox and actually work at predetermined stuff either from my calendar for the day or Context lists.

                  Hope that helps.


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                    Thanks for all the advice.

                    I think I'm going to go minimalist and use pen and paper for my projects list.