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My version of the process flow

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  • My version of the process flow

    Old hands already know this, new people to GtD will eventually figure it out. The process that is GtD can, and should be customised to an individuals personal circumstances following the principles that David has detailed in his book, GtD is not a one size fits all solution.

    Having said that it might be helpful for new people to GtD to see the process, mapped into a decision tree and to that end I attach 'myGtD process flow'.

    Just remember this is where I am at with the process and it may / may not work for you, so it's offered on the basis that it's a suggestion not a proscription

    Its done in Visio 2003 but it is attached as a .pdf. If you would like to play with it please send me a private message and I will email you the .vsd version.

    Comments welcome, Enjoy!
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    Thank you - it's always interesting to get a glimpse of how other people work with GTD. I posted a similar diagram (in my case, I annotated the tools I use on top of the original GTD workflow diagram) here:


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      Thanks for sharing. It's not immediately clear to me how your flow is different from the standard flow, as shown in the annotated link provided by ZZamboni.

      Can you elaborate?

      - Don


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        myGtD process flow


        You uncovered my secret !!
        It's not that different. I just put a few little tweaks of my own like retaining the original paperwork decison box, including an option to dump stuff straight into project support without processng after reading and the detail in the steps around Project list action for new projects.

        Its a working document that is sitting in front of me on my laptop (the laptop's in a docking station in case you were wondering how I was typing

        People visualise things differently and I just found it useful to get to this level of detail. I guess it reinforces for me that the basic GtD principles do work irrespective of how you deicide to implement hitech, lotech or combotech (new word)