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Anyone considering the book - BUY IT!!!

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  • Anyone considering the book - BUY IT!!!

    Okay, I'm a newbie here, however, having only just started reading "How to get things done", I am already blown away by how helpful this book already is to me......for my whole life I've been trying to *DO* projects, but of course I can only take next actions which help achieve this - no one can *do* a project per se. So simple, yet I'd never thought of it this way!!

    I work as a music producer, and although I don't wear a suit and tie I have my share of "stuff" to deal with on a daily basis, and for anyone out there that's a kind of cynic like me, get this book okay!!!

    From what I've read thus far it's clearly not a *feel good/group hug* kind of thing - just a great book that's practical and clearly written to help people like you and me who have heaps of "stuff" floating around our heads.

    Sincerest thanks to David Allen for writing such a text

    Kind regards

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    Overall, I have to agree. Although I would suggest reading a variety of text (and online resources) as there is no one source that can devise the "perfect" solution for you. Everyone thinks a little differently. Still, the GTD book is a great resource and starting point.