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Paper Weekly Review Questions

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  • Paper Weekly Review Questions

    For those doing a mostly paper based version I have a couple of questions.

    At your weekly review do you re-write any NA's that haven't gotten done on new paper or just keep the old pages until all their NA's are done but add new items onto new sheets?

    I'm still testing a hybrid with some contexts in my Palm Treo and some on paper.

    This week a few more NA's didn't get done due to weather and other issues out of my control but I added a bunch during the week that I did finish. Those got crossed off.

    I'm currently debating the merits of a fresh start vs knowing what NA's got "left behind" and curious as to how others approach that problem and more importantly why you do it the way you do vs another way.

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    I think the danger with this is that you've got NAs in different locations. You want to be able to quickly go through any particular NA list and decide which can/should be done. If there's information on the paper that you need to finish it, you could keep it as reference information, but I'd suggest rewriting the NA into your NA context list. It's best to keep them all in one location. Less chance of something falling through the cracks.


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      I don't re-write my list any more than I have to. I use a yellow highlighter to mark my NA's complete. The lists aren't copied over until the items are mostly complete or I need more lines on the page for new next actions. I will then copy what's not done onto a new page and start marking off the completed actions with my yellow highlighter. I use the classic-sized planner pages and lined note pages.


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        Agreed with GTDWorks. I'd favor copying over the old pages, unless they contain huge numbers of incomplete NAs.

        And if you're not completing a large percentage of your NAs every week, that's a hint that you may need to re-negotiate your Projects, right?


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          Originally posted by Brent View Post
          And if you're not completing a large percentage of your NAs every week, that's a hint that you may need to re-negotiate your Projects, right?
          In general yes, but in this case it was weather and animal attitudes that prevented the completion of the NAs. I can't do anything about the weather or whether a group of animals will have a bad attitude preventing the completion of some task. The projects are still on the list. When weather refused to cooperate for the ones I had planned to do I added a few new projects to my list and their NAs.

          We're still stymied by weather this week but I'm keeping all those NAs on the context list until done because as soon as I can I have to finish them. Animal attitudes are harder to control than even the weather. As soon as they are behaving those tasks will get done. Fighting them to finish something just causes a greater chance of injury to one or more of us, not worth it when a few days will usually improve the situation. Animals have bad days too. I've learned that unless it's a life or death situation it's a whole lot easier on all concerned to just wait until they are in the mood to cooperate.