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  • Outlook / Palm

    I've been a happy Plain Vanilla user up to now, but my employer is switching us all to an Outlook based CRM. I'm faced with switching to Outlook now.

    I've looked at the Kratz method and liked parts of it alot, but the project thing doesnt work for me because its too many steps to make it sync with Palm.

    Has anyone else figured out a way to use Outlook that keeps the tasks and projects together? I know this is supposed to be done in weekly reviews but I am lousy at weekly reviews so I need them lined up. Sounds strange, but I've implemented my own lazy mans implementation of GTD. I dont trust it completely but I sure trust it a heck of a lot more than I did my old system!

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    "Keep it Simple,"

    I've been using a Palm for about 2.5 years now, and started with Palm Desktop on Mac & PC.

    There are numerous advantages to Outlook - including the ability to set up Repeating Tasks (great for monthly bills and even things like Laundry). What I find the GREATEST added value to Outlook is the ability to (almost) instantly process anything coming into my "Digital In-Basket" into a task, contact, note for reference, or appointment with a simple "drag & drop."

    It was this feature that convinced me to switch to Outlook from Palm Desktop. I first followed the instructions in David's "white paper" on setting up Outlook to better reflect GTD theory; then I invested the money in the GTD Outlook Add-In. It is simply a series of macros that runs pretty invisibly with Outlook - BUT, it speeds up the "processing" phase even more - by adding some shortcuts & buttons to Outlook's normal apperance.

    I feel that once you get over the initial "hump," using Outlook for GTD will be quite the positive experience for you. To help, you might want to take the free "guided tour" of the GTD Outlook Add-In, found under the "Products" section of David's website.


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      Keep projects and next actions together

      Use the Kratz method (form and projects as contacts in a seperate folder) and then use Chapura KeySuite to duplicate your Outlook environment on your Palm.

      This works for me flawlessly, and on wither platform I have my projects connected to actions.


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        Kratz Method

        Thanks for your suggestions. I would be unable to use Chapura since its a company laptop that I sync with Palm.

        Also, as I mentioned, I dont care for the Kratz method because the project as contact thing doesnt sync well with Palm without lots of extra steps.

        Any others out there made up their own Plain Vanilla Palm / Outlook system?



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          Outlook / Palm

          DM - If you are (or must be) committed to vanilla on the Palm side, one solution is to list your to do's by due date/priority. For each project enter a "Project Descriptor" to do with highest priority and a due date in the substantial future (e.g. 01/01/200. Then enter tasks associated with this project that don't require a specific due date now as having the same due date as the far off Project Descriptor. Select a different far off due date for each project and when you look at your to do list without limiting the view to "today" all to do's associated with a given project will be grouped on the same date, with the first entry being the descriptor.