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  • GTD web based app ....

    Can anyone recommend a good simple GTD style web based app that syncs with the Blackberry?

    How do blackberry users apply GTD practices? Software like Rexwireless is too complicated, Nozbe seemed okay for a while but was missing something.

    Since then I'm using the new GTD Coordinator and I really like it, but my wife and a few of my staff are looking for software that's simple and clearly laid out like David Allens paper version.

    Would certainly appreciate recommendations.


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    Try out Remember the Milk


    Try out Remember the Milk

    It has a blackberry application for pro users that will sync your tasks with your BB application.

    Mohammed Ali


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      why did you find rexwireless too complicated ? yes the interface can be daunting ,but if you put in a little bit of efforts it's the most rewarding piece of software you can work around on .

      join their forums and check , for bb I have found nothing this rock solid , all the ideas ,any times can be captured and then synced on . U won't need need anything else. There are context/reminders.. strictly as per how david lays it on paper

      Although their web version is ok strictly , it's the bb which shines.I tried other web based for bb , like nozbe ,remember the milk but no avail.


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        I second the vote for Remember The Milk. It syncs with just about everything (that's part of their philosophy), it uses simple lists and tags and smart searches to group tasks into useful lists, and it's nice and easy.

        It's the one I recommend to my clients, as well as using myself. I chose it after using a variety of apps that were all too complicated - the implementation of GTD is just a bunch of lists, and most other apps make the user jump through too many hoops. And I just love finding apps that I can run 'right out of the box', with no need to learn all the ins and outs of the interface.