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    Hi guys i just wanted to know a few things.

    For example at the moment im trying to organise my life and im doing so by putting diffrent sections of my life in diffrent folders.

    For example if i like a woman........then i would put it under my Personal relations folder.

    Or if i wanted to look for a job then i would go to my jobs folder.

    OR if i wanted to review my workout then i would go to my Body developmenet folder.

    My question is what do you guys think of this system AND a question about goals should i have an ENTIRE folder just for goals and objectives OR should i have a page in front of each of my folders like body development folder, or finanacial folder , work folder etc my goals and targets for that particular area?


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      Wow alot of help you get on this site.......50 views and not one response.


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        Well, first of all your questions are an invitation to a possible essay --which I'll try to avoid writing here. So here goes

        Any system that works for you is a good system . In your case I would probably list my goals and objectives for that area on a separate sheet at the front of the folder , but a separate folder would work well also (maybe try it both ways )

        I'm guessing that you're putting individual pieces of paper in the folders as a "context" folder ?

        You might want to also consider a simple spiral bound notebook and use one page for each area and write the items for each area on it's page.

        My concern with the folder system would be security , do you carry these with you back and forth, do they sit on your desk at work etc.


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          Hi thanks for the help, well yes if theirs something to do with that particular area then i would put the peice of paper into that folder as context.

          I think what i will do is.....list all the particular objectives for each indivual folder and also put all the objectives in one other folder under goals and objectives as a back up copy.

          Anyways im glad you kinda reconfirmed my thinking, but the one problem i have setting goals is........for example some are specific and within time frames , whereas others are not. Do i put them under short terms goals and long terms goals or do i put them order of what time scale im going to do them in.

          Also reading stuff on goals, ive read tips where they suggest you having a process part as in what or how are you going to acheive that particular goal?


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            Another thing to bear in mind is how much stuff you are going to put in each folder. I tend to use lots of small folders rather than a few big ones

            Also, using folders to structure your life at so many levels is actually quite radical. You might also like to think about setting up simple lists at each level of planning:

            50,000 feet: why am I here?
            - find a partner and share our lives
            - be secure
            - become the best that I can be
            - be a significant force for good in the world


            10,000 feet: current projects
            - meet Jane
            - learn to breakdance
            - get padlock for bike
            - set up action management system

            runway: next actions
            - call barber for appointment
            - read absurd post from fat balding accountant (aka rossw)

            Then you can review these regularly for actions and keep reference materials in alphabetically filed folders.



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              What it seems you have are "project support folders," which is good. What I see missing is have you are using the folders as fuel for the next action lists that will be your driving force for the week. Looking through the folders is the kind of thing I would do only once a week as part of the weekly review.


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                Dear Karimabder

                First of all, welcome to the David Allen/GTD board.

                Second of all, I'd like to reassure you that there are quite a few people here, who have tried different "models of reality" for Life Management. I'm sure with that much pooled experience, you will find either some direct resolutions to your questions, or at least be steered toward appropriate tools for your needs.

                Third of all, as a (relative) newcomer to the boards, you're not going to emotionally move any of those people to work with you by critically evaluating how many replies you've received to how many people have viewed your post. Be patient, and try to keep it all in perspective. There may be people who have viewed your post who have not yet achieved your level of organization, so they may be learning from you, instead of you learning from them.

                All that being said - it sounds like your organizational skills are fine; but the missing piece of the puzzle is moving data & knowledge to action and results. Most of David's material is "bottom up" and it sounds like you are fine at that level. You may consider a "top down" approach to link your actions to your outcomes, and understand why you want them in the first place.

                For that - I might recommend either Hyrum Smith or Tony Robbins' "OPA/RPM System." Robbins has built his reputation by being a motivator, and once you get past the infomercial image, you will find some highly valuable tools in his "OPA/RPM" materials.

                I'll leave you with a thought from Dan Millman, that "the path" unfolds beneath each warrior's feet differently.

                Continued Success


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                  Hi i wasnt having a dig at any posters, just i thought it was strange that i had 50 views and not one response.

                  Obviously i have now had quitea few BUT some of the stuff whilst interesting are kinda baffling( is their such a word) for example whats NEXT ACTION..........Certain phrases i dont understand, unless they are self explanantory.

                  What im doing is radical, in fact its a choice not a nesessity BUT i always remeber coming home one night quite drunk and i got one of the those picture moments...You know where you see your whole life, and for me it wasnt how my life was meant to be going....i wasnt happy with it.

                  I had so many goals, and thingsi wanted to acheive and i wanted to grab hold of it before it was to late and organise it from the bottom up LITERALLY. It taken months to nearly their but i can see in my visulasations that once completed my life will be alot happier and resourseful.

                  Sorry for the bad spelling.

                  Also someone said something about reference.......could you expand on that? I have a feeling about what your talking about but if you could expand on it id be grateful.


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                    Hi Karimabder,

                    Let me suggest that you read the documents and tips on this site to get an overview of the GTD methodology. Then, I'm sure there are many here who would be happy to answer your questions about how to apply it to your situation.

                    However, I doubt that many of us have time to explain the whole GTD system to you in a posting on this board.

                    While you are here check out David's books and Cds for information on how to use the system. Short of one of his seminars that's the best way to get a grasp of it. However, one can get a pretty good idea just by reading the columns and articles available free here.

                    Welcome to the Board and I hope you find what you are looking for.

                    Scot Giles