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Problem with registering and using the forum

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  • Problem with registering and using the forum


    First of all a HUGE thanks to Kiddo aka Fokke Kooistra for helping me finally get registered here!

    A few days ago I came across the whole GTD concept and decided I want to find a place where I could meet other like-minded people. So I found this forum.

    Unfortunately I couldn't register. I would go to the registration page and chekc the "agree" box, then click submit and I would just end up at an error telling I didn't "agree". In fact any form I would try to submit here (the contact support as well) would just end up on a blank page.

    I still don't know how it all got fixed, but I know who helped - Fokke Kooistra!

    So I can't register and I can't contact the support to ask them for help... and I can't post a thread without being registered. The only other solution I saw was to hopefully find a member who was currently online (eg. it would mean he is an active one and could possibly help me) and hope that they have provided some alternative contact info in their profile, which fortunately I was still able to see even as a guest.

    Eventually I came across Kiddo aka Fokke Kooistra and his cool GTD blog I went there and posted an off-topic comment to his latest entry asking for help with this forum.

    To my great fortunate Fokke was one of those kind people and he helped me! We had a short email convo and he eventually set me up with an account... that's why it's such a weird one - John_Test... but I can have only one account per email so it would be my "brand" here and a reminder of how it all started for me with GTD and the kindness of people!

    Maybe there were other people who had the same problem registering and none of them was able to contact anyone to ask for help... I did test it with 3 different browsers, asked one friend to test, and used various different proxy services, but only got the same problem. Somehow it all works now and I have no idea how.

    So if anyone who wants to register here but simply can't - I'll add a means to contact me in my profile and if you somehow search for "problem registering" or "problem with registration" hopefully this thread will show up and you'll be able to reach me and I could try to return the favor that I received.

    Now, on a different note - why I registered...

    Well the short answer - I have a ton of ideas and things I want to do - I just never get to doing them. It's like I subconsciously find ways to come up with more and more ideas just to keep me from acting upon them - eg. I would sabotage myself in all ways possible only to not work my business, myself, my future... so I thought that maybe a less-obtrusive way as GTD was the answer to disciplining myself in time to ACT upon my ideas, my visions, my goals and MYSELF!

    So one last Thanks to Fokke and the whole GTD community for having you and a All the very best to all you guys and gals!


    I can now see what the solution was...

    When using it all works perfectly fine. But when I try to access the forum through it doesn't... maybe it has something to do with 3rd party cookies (I guess the GTD domain is just a frame for the Dco domain)...
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    Sorry about your bad experience getting settled into the forums. I've written up a bug report and will post to this thread when the issue is fixed.



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      Hey - no problem my friend! The important thing is I'm here now!

      Also, if that may be of any help, I'm using Firefox 3.0.5 on WinXP Pro, SP2.


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        Welcome to the community. Glad you stuck it out.

        I think GTD can help you manifest more of your ideas. But you are still the one that has to work the system. I suggest going through the book and taking a couple days to get all set-up and do your initial review. Then start doing some actions towards your goals.

        Good luck with it.


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          Thanks for the reply!

          That's exactly what I decided to do - study the book and start implementing.