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    I have 4 different email addresses. I mantain them separate because they are about different activities I do. For every address I have the folder "to do" and "waiting for". But in this way I have too manu places to look into. Do you think I should report every mail "to do" or "waiting for" in my list system, so in this way I have all "centralized"?
    Sorry for my english: it's not my mother language.

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    I would suggest putting them all in one place. You can use Thunderbird to collect from multiple accounts, or use a web-based alternative like Gmail.

    In my case, I use gmail to collect from a variety of accounts. When a message comes in, a filter automatically tags which account it's for so I can see it right away. Being able to access all of my accounts from one place, from any PC (or phone), is priceless.


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      It's not a good solution form me as I need to access them via IMAP4 protocol.


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        I'm pretty sure that both gmail and Thunderbird support IMAP, don't they?


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          Yes both gmail and Thunderbird support IMAP.

          IMAP must be enabled for gmail - look at your profiles.

          What mail program are you using? This will help.

          Some clients will consolidate all inboxes into one 'tree', others will keep the accounts as seperate while allowing you to switch by selecting.

          Pegasus - will allow multiple accounts (seperate)
          TheBat! - "
          Mulberry - "
          Alpine - " (also folder collections )
          PocoMail - allow multiple account one tree
          !ntellect - "

          and the list goes on. Did not touch Mac OSX nor Linux.


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            I have no action reminders in any of my email accounts. It all goes into my projects and actions lists. I do have folders like "-ACT" associated with each of my email address, but they are just to quickly find the email that I need to act on when I choose that action from my actions list.



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              Originally posted by abhay View Post
              I have no action reminders in any of my email accounts.
              I think that woulb the right solution also for me.


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                Originally posted by aderoy View Post
                Yes both gmail and Thunderbird support IMAP.
                Yes of course. The problem is not ACTIVATING imap. But that using imap (I own outlook 2007) you have separate inbox folders for every account. So it would mean that I must have separated action folders in every account.


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                  With Outlook 2007 you will have seperate accounts, that can be searched via the Advanced Find (Control-Shift-F). This can be then saved under the Saved Searches folder.

                  For emails that are deemed a task I just drag the email to the Tasks list.

                  If waiting for a response I add the Category - WaitingFor - View menu Customize then add Category to both the column and view. Right click on the message then select ' Category' from the popup menu. Group by Category.

                  InBox is empty atleast twice a day, by end of day all e-mail is processed, that way I start fresh in the morning.