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  • The Calendar View

    I remember reading in David's book Getting Things Done and somewhere on this website that one of the reasons David finally moved from paper to Palm is the weekly view. I am curious, for those of us who use a Palm or Outlook, what do you normally use, the daily view or the weekly view? For that matter, those of you who use paper, do you use a Filofax weekly view or a Franklin Covey Daily view?

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    I currently use the daily view (paper), but I've been wondering lately if the weekly view would be better. I like the idea of seeing my whole week laid out at once... I'd hate to loose my daily notes page, though.


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      I use both, but primarily I stick to the day view until I'm doing a weekly review or booking an appointment in the future and am hunting for a date that's convenient for both parties.


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        How about "both"?

        I switch back and forth at least once per day. I find the weekly view invaluable for planning, but the daily view is nice for the lets-see-what-I've-got-next mode I'm in most of the time. Having switched to the Palm, this is one thing that I'd find difficult to lose were I to switch back.


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          The weekly view is simply not enough for me, although I use weekly view for individual categories or "contexts". Like I have a saved view in Datebk5 titled B-days or TV to see what's coming up.


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            I currently use the weekly view in my filofax. I will move to the daily view starting January 1st. (Make that January 2nd . )

            The reason for this? The weekly view just does not leave me enough room to enter deadlines per date. Additionally, in the morning I list the priority projects I want to work on during the day. (It can be discussed if this is real GTD or not (see separate discusion on this forum), but it works for me.) The daily view offers me enough space to put all this on the filofax paper.
            I do plan to have a week overview: just a sheet with the days of the week and important/time consuming events like business travel, half- and full day meetings, ... .

            I might change back next year, sometimes it is good to change a routine or habit. even if it is just to make you think about what you are doing and why you do it.



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              I find both the daily and the weekly views too limiting. I recently started using MonthPlanner and that helps tremendously. When I select a particular day, I get a list of all the appts and todos for that day.

              Makes it easier to schedule things that I'm asked to do or for appts on the fly when I can look at the whole picture.


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                AND not OR

                I like to think it is effective to use both in a proactive manner. Eliminating either as a strategic tool leaves you short in your arsenal to my way of thinking.
                I plan weekly to make sure I get my priorities in place and then work off a daily list to make the most of every day. This way I keep the week in perspective and there are less surprises when I do my weekly review. It also allows me to amend each day's tasks with the weekly perspective in mind.
                It also allows me to say "no" to things that don't/won't/can't fit into my schedule.
                Do I always achieve everything I've planned? Nope - welcome to the human race.