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Do you use music to jumpstart certain tasks?

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  • Do you use music to jumpstart certain tasks?

    I find that listening to music (usually music that is purely instrumental so it doesn't distract) can help me get deeper and more energetically into some tasks such as ironing, working out, or plain reading. I know this is not new, but what do you think on this issue beyond the regular general observations? A unique example/tip perhaps?

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    i do tend to do different tasks to different types of music. specifically, i tend to wash dishes to patsy cline, type to bruce springsteen, and write by hand to classical music.


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      jump starting

      Music for physical work but conversation for initial mental stimulation, but then I turn it off. Not being able to get a clear reception of a sophisticated and informaive talk show (National Public Radio type of thing) in my new home's location has been a major impediment to writing productivity (a public radio music station is about 2 miles away and the talk station is 50 miles away and their signals are next to each other). So I sometimes start writing in the car in my driveway because I can get the radio broadcast there but not in the house. Sometimes I use books in tape but these often lack the right energy and the "newness" factor. I do find GTD FAST tape okay but after a while it is not stimulating. I tried calling various companies to see if I can get some technical solution but they all want to sell me cable television or a satelite dish for TV. Someone told me I could try radio over the internet. I am going to try that next, I may need to get a second phone line or some other system. I wish I had technical type friends.


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        related to jump starting--aroma "therapy:"

        Do you use aromas to get going? I have to say that I don't really "like" the smell but Yankee Candle has something called "Sage and Citrus" and it makes me feel tasky and I get more done. Their Caramel-Pecan makes me feel relaxed and artistic and much to my surrpise it does not stimulate drooling. Sage and Citrus is one of a samll number that Yankee puts out in little doo-dads that you plug into the wall ( called a House Warmer). The candles in glass jars can go on one of those little electric warming plates that you use to keep a mug of coffee warm (they sell one at HallMark with an on-off switch). I mention these armoa creating methods because I think that the candle craze and simmering potourri are responsible for a lot of fires and burns and there are safe alternatives such as the hot plate and the housewarmer to enjoy mood- changing frangrances. These make great holiday gifts--no calories, no size issues, and highly "re-giftable" if it just doesn't suit. I don't work for Yankee and I resisted this for years as hyped, air-headed, and a wast of money. It took my kids and a friend who is 20 years younger and always has Yankee fragranced candles going to get me into this.


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          Do you mean you need to hear certain radio stations in your house (like talk stations?)

          I listen to radiostations from all over the country over the internet all the time. I don't think you need another line. Can you get broadband internet?


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            By talk stations, I mean Public Radio that has things like All Things Considered, Dian Rhem Show, Talk of the Nation. I am going to inquire about Broadband Internet is you are suggesting I look into this. And, I really do thank you.