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  • Make it up to make it happen

    As I mentioned in a few other posts, I had a big Aha on outcome visioning, which was the best I got from the audio 'Making Change Stick' during my gtdconnect trial membership, and it has been a life-changer. Today there was another runway level Aha based on this: I exactly knew which action I had to start, and was resisting it a bit due to the effort required to kick-start it since it required focus. Although I got other actions in the list done while I was resisting, it "had my attention"!

    I thought of applying the outcome visioning experiment at this level more consciously: I consciously started "daydreaming" about the final outcome, in more and more detail, which within a couple of minutes connected me to why this action was there on the list, and I didn't even know when I actually started doing it!

    It is now about one hour since I started it, the action is complete, and I feel great that I have perhaps (re)discovered the easiest and most productive way to kill resistance!

    Couldn't not share this experience!


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    Thanks for sharing! It's great to read about real time experience like this.

    After reading your post I decided to browse through chapter 3 in Getting Things Done. As usual it's always there...

    Page 78: "If greater clarity is what you need, shift your thinking up the natural planning scale", page 78.

    So, thanks for the tips Abhay. Procrastinating on an action could be solved by some daydreaming!