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so many SDMBs

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  • so many SDMBs

    It may help to know that I use paper--three ring binder (approx 5 x 7). I have so many SDMBs that I am thinking of putting them in a seperate binder after weekly review. A lot are creative projects and content areas that I want to learn about. As I have carried them over I am finding that some are getting just more specific (join a masters swim team, learn to roller blade) and others more comprehensive (e.g., ist of things I want to learn how to do on the computer). Others it appears are actually parts of projects, but I don't realize this until I have collected and reviewed a few. Some have contexts, like, if I go to the Twin Cities, see and do certain things. If I go to a knitting store, look for ____. I am not planning on goinbg to a knitting store any time soon but I might put that in a section called "SDMB arts and crafts" If I career change, a list of ideas for what and how to do so, "SDMB career change with a page for "Building Trades" and a page for "Health .Professional", and a page for "Personal Trainer". I am just wondering what you all think of this. I was going to put lists in file folder or label a folder SDMB but I think I need to be able to access it more quickly than folders.