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Size of hPDA

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  • Size of hPDA

    Good morning!

    I recently switched my system to the hPDA, and have been having fantastic success with it! I still use Outlook for calendar and contacts, but I have a copy of the calendar in the hPDA too. It's been much easier for me to work with, both when I'm home and when I'm out.

    I've got a curious question. For those of you that use the hPDA, about how big/how many cards do you have in it? Counting the seperator cards, cover, and blank cards in the Inbox section I have about 58 cards. I've seen some web sites that basically make it look like the hPDA is just for Inbox infromation, but I'm using it to manage lists, projects, calendar, and Inbox.

    I know that there's no "right" or "wrong" answer but I was curious as to how many cards most of us have in it.

    Have a great day!

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    I used for a certain period of time the hPDA. And I tried lowest possible number of cards ( the basic one + some white card to collect new stuff) to have them always with me. Because, generally, I don't bring with me always a bag and I dress a suit - that means little pocket -perfect for a 3X5 size!

    Now I prefer to use a moleskine, every weekly review I update and print my outlook GTD system ( moleskine sized). Then I use a paper-clip to gathered them and I write manually on the back-side if I need to add stuff. The next weekly review I'll update again my system


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      Originally posted by Tspall View Post
      I know that there's no "right" or "wrong" answer but I was curious as to how many cards most of us have in it.

      I don't use a hPDA myself, but it seems like with 1 card per project and 1 card per next action, you are looking at somewhere between 50-200 cards.

      You might also try creating a poll with your question here

      - Don


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        I keep about 20 cards in my hPDA, since other than shopping lists and a few checklists, it's mainly an inbox for me.


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          I keep my hPDA in a Franklin-Covey index card wallet; my current # of context cards is 17 (though occasionally I probably start approaching 30 -- once they start getting unwieldy, I know it's time to start pruning!), plus a few spares, along with one for my daily checklist, one for my weekly target project list (during each weekly review, I'll pull out a short list of the projects to devote some extra focus over the week), and one for my daily target project list (I'll generally spend a minute or two in the morning pulling out my big rocks and what I'd like to focus on, assuming life cooperates); my project list is an annotated list in one of the Moleskine pocket cahiers that fits quite nicely into the wallet. I don't usually have someday/maybe cards with me; those I keep in another notebook, and then when it's weekly review time, I'll pull my daily logbook, calendar, hpda and my someday/maybe notebook out and head to the local coffeeshop!