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    Thanks to the post of JohnV474 I thought to develop further my GTD system. Actually I use Outlook, a Moleskine and then I print each week the new updated list of tasks @different context and I keep it in my little moleskine. Then I use the back of this printed list to add my future coming updating. With me recently, I bring also a folder with other important source of informations: calendar of my team, lists.

    So, when I read this idea of John, I realized, I could print in a letter size my outlook tasks and insert in this little portable binder, that could keep all together:

    John one:
    presentation-style 3-ring binder I got at the local Kinko's with 8 heavy plastic tab dividers (the kind with a Table of Contents). The sections are:
    2) Next Actions: Home & Office,
    3) Next Actions: Calls & Emails
    4)Next Actions: Errands
    5)Waiting For,
    Lists (checklists, address directory, six levels of review
    9) filing cabinet (two drawers: Reference, and Active Projects)

    At the end, I could have a moleskine always with me because little and portable and the binder close to me, to take decision even if outside the office. Which other plus or minus you can see?