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GREAT radio series on the gurus of management

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  • GREAT radio series on the gurus of management

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    This is a series of several programs narrated by a former professor at the London Business School (a guru himself) Charles Handy.

    One of the programs talks about Peter Drucker who gave us the concept of a "knowledge worker" that David Allen refers to in his books and seminars.

    Peter Drucker's best book (in my mind) The Effective Executive talks about a lot of what we here like to talk about on this board.

    Anyway, I thought this would be a great series for a beginner in the study of Management and a refresher for the rest of us. (I majored in Management myself and got a Bachelor's in it, so the series was a great way to hear again about the people whom my school books talked about and as well as those whom they neglected to mention much).