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Audiobooks in UK?

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  • Audiobooks in UK?

    Does anyone know where I can buy or download the audiobooks in the UK. It seems as though audible doesn't do the downloads and neither does amazon sell the cds. Anyone have any ideas.
    Can I buy it from the shop here and have it sent to the UK? Would prefer a download as have a ten hour drive tomorrow which would be perfect, but if I have to wait then I have to wait.

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    audiobooks in uk

    Check Ebay - I've seen the cd's for sale on there in the past.

    or Itunes - but of course check it'll be mp3 format if you haven't got an ipod!


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      Thanks, I'll have a look on ebay but iTunes doesn't do it either which is quite annoying, that would have been perfect. Have an Ipod so mp3 or any digital format would be fine, just can't find anywhere to buy it in the uk.

      Anyone else got any other ideas, that I can try as well?


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        You could buy the CD's direct from the website and then rip them yourself (for personal use of course).


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          Not to be found through usual retail outlets in UK

          I ended up buying the audio books direct from Davidco. None of the usual suspects had them in stock, i.e., iTunes, Audible, Play, Waterstones, etc.

          For some reason the publishers have decided, so far,to not publish the audibooks of any of David Allen's books in the UK. Shame on them

          I have been told that you could try as apparently they will ship to overseas.

          If you do buy from the US you are likely to be charged duty and VAT, plus a handling charge by Royal Mail.