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Best FREE MindMap App?

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  • Best FREE MindMap App?

    Hello Everyone,
    Just tried Xmind, I downloaded the Mac version as well as the "portable" versions that I stuck on my USB Stick. WHAT AN AMAZING APP! Looks great, functional, etc. Has anyone else used this app? Are there some downsides that I am missing, because I cant see any-honestly would like to know..... The portability factor is UNBELIEVABLE!

    No, I dont work for any software company, just love the software!


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    Try FREE Mind - it is simpler and free

    Try FREE Mind - it is simpler and free


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      Probably the most powerful free mindmapping tool

      XMind probably has the most features of any free version mindmapping application.

      However many advanced features, such as automatic conversion of your mind map to PwerPoint slides, require the Pro version.

      The Pro version cost is fairly low, however, it is an annual fee which builds up over the years to what you would pay for a similarly powerful mindmapping application. However, the ongoing development is very strong.

      I like it because it gives you many types of mind maps, even in the free version.

      My advice is to start with the free version, try the pro, then continue subscribing if the value is worth it. You will find that your investment of time spent learning the application justifies the pro subscription. However, you must weigh that against loosing the pro features if you stop subscribing and using your time to learn the features of another application.


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        Never knew about this app. Thanks for sharing the info. I am going to give this a spin.