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GTD and sales management

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  • GTD and sales management

    Looking for ideas on how to implement GTD in a selling sales cycle, customer, product, and territory management. Looking to use GTD to "keep all the balls" in the air..any ideas/thoughts

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    Sales with GTD

    I own a small company, so I don't have to deal with things like territories, etc., but here is my approach.

    I have a sub-projects list entitled Opportunities. I list all open opportunities and review it like any other project list, making sure I have a next action for each. A lot of times the next action will be on the Waiting For list because I have a full-time salesperson. It's easy enough to move an opportunity to my main project list once the job is sold.

    I use a separate list in my project reference material that details where each opportunity is in the pipeline and other related info. such as vendor quotes, our quote amount, etc. I also archive any lost and awarded opportunities here.


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      Sales prospecting and Trigger Lists

      I once worked with a client who was tracking several "current sales projects" as well as many, many "prospects" that he and his direct reports were managing.

      So, we created a "prospects/projects Trigger List." This was a list that came out during the weekly review (if not more often) to jog the thinking vertically on each of many individual clients.

      More often than not, this simple review of prospects triggered a next action ("call..." , "e-mail..." , "draft proposal re: ...")