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What's So Great About GTD?

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  • What's So Great About GTD?

    I am always telling people about GTD and how it's been such a boon to me. Typically, the response I get is a request to describe what makes it so unique and special. How would you answer that? (It's got to be about 3 quick points or people lose interest.)

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    What I say...

    "It is a comprehensive time and task management philosophy that is so simple to maintain you can keep it up on a rainy Monday morning when you have a bad flu."

    I think I heard that somewhere--not sure--and have picked it up.



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      Here's one way I could describe the system.

      1. Don't use the brain to store any information, get it out in a trusted system and sort it later using the workflow chart.
      2. Execute tasks in a piggyback (context based) mode as you work through your (possibly) chaotic daily activities.
      3. Use a periodic weekly review to tie up loose ends and to make sure that the above two items are going in the right direction.

      If I may add further,
      4. Always ask the question - what is a successful outcome, and what is the next action.



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        What's great about GTD?

        I always tell people that a few years ago my desk was always as messy as X's (every group has an X who's office looks like a paper dump) and I had a reputation for not following through on commitments. GTD got my office cleaned up, got me on top of the workflow so that I can be more relaxed and consistently beat deadlines.

        Since the talk is backed up by the appearance of my office, organized labeled folders and ability to produce work, they usually want to write down the title of the book.


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          GTD enables me to keep my promises to loved ones, coworkers, friends and bosses. GTD allows me to maximize my energy usage whether I am "In the Zone" or "Zoned Out". GTD means I am in control instead of just reacting. Most importantly, GTD means Things Get Done!


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            Oops! I misunderstood the question! Ignore my post above.



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              Most other time/self-management texts focus on philosophy which, while easily absorbed from the comfort of one's arm chair, gets lost in the Murphy's Law aspect of the real world. GTD certainly accommodates one's philosophical leanings. However, it presents a practical step-by-step approach to minimizing stress, primarily via the combo of braindumps and reviews.


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                No need for apology. You did get it. I always motivate people first by telling them how it's benefited me. Where I lose them is where they ask me describe what the system is that benefited me. I think yours is a great description.