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OT: Stay safe, David & Co!

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  • OT: Stay safe, David & Co!

    I hope everyone at The David Allen Company are doing fine and are safe. I'm up in San Jose and I've been watching the stories about the Santa Barbara fires, especially since hearing Highways 192 and 150 mentioned which are close to the GTD Headquarters.

    Then this morning I heard a 4.2 earthquake struck Ojai where you're actually located. Thankfully, no damage has been reported. Nevertheless, it can be unnerving to your friends and family in the area.

    I just wanted to wish you and the important people in your lives well and that you get through this soon.

    And I also had this vision of firefighters saying "What is the Successful Outcome? What is the Next Action?" That brought me peace -- thanks!

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    Ojai is a good distance down the coast from Santa Barbara. They're not in any danger. (I went to grad school at UCSB, so I know the area.)

    All good wishes anyway, as this year's fire season looks like a bad one all around.



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      Thanks for checking in

      Very considerate of you. We're all fine. The fires are a good distance from Ojai, although, this morning I can smell the smoke from my house.

      We did feel the earthquake. It was a quick, short jolt. No damage that we know of. Just a little jarring to the nerves!