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GTD Filing Cabinet setup: what is the hardware called?

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  • GTD Filing Cabinet setup: what is the hardware called?

    What is the piece of hardware called which pushes files to the front of the drawer as described by David Allen in his GTD books?

    I went to OfficeMax and OfficeDepot today and neither could "name that hardware". They also carried no file cabinets which had that hardware-- everyone has Pendaflex frames for insertion into file cabinet drawers.

    I came home and did a quick Google but had no luck either.

    It looks like most metal filing cabinets have a series of holes drilled down both sides and a system of ridges in the bottom to support some sort of metal flange which would could be moved forward and back in the drawer but I've not found a supplier of such hardware.

    Thanks for suggestions.


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    And the winner is: "Follower"

    The hardware is called a Follower.

    For my HON file cabinet, it's this piece: