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Intentions/Affirmations- asking for suggestions..

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  • Intentions/Affirmations- asking for suggestions..

    I recently processed a mindsweep and came up with:

    -Provide proper support for X during "Event X"

    A friend is going through a situation, and my outcome is to offer emotional support during this time. Not necessarily sure how to handle this. As of right now its on my project list, but I'm not sure if thats the proper place.

    I guess I am looking for a way to bring to my attention different thoughts and intentions that dont necessarily have Next Actions, but I want to keep in my face. From my limited time on GTD Connect, I noticed that they have an automated process for this.

    I use a paper/binder system. Any thoughts on anyones implementation of this type of outcome would be appreciated!


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    When do you want to be reminded of that?

    - Daily, weekly, monthly: put into calendar or a tickler
    - At your friend: put into @Agenda
    - Monthly: put into Areas of Focus as well


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      Projects is the proper place

      Your projects list is the proper place but you need to fill out more of the details.

      1. What is the primary purpose of providing this emotional support for your friend? And are you the best / only person who can provide it? (perhaps this can be delegated to someone who can do this better?)

      2. What are the standards? If you were to delegate this to someone else, what would you want to make sure they did right? You would make sure they…

      3. What is the successful outcome vision? Envision wild success and describe it in rich detail. Furthermore, what new things might providing this emotional support make possible for you and your friend?

      Once you've answered the above questions in sufficient detail then add actions that are the most in line with it. And if it is only support for a particular time, then if you must, you can put that on your calendar as a reminder.

      And as for tasks, as you think of things only relevant to you -- capture these as you normally do for yourself. Any thoughts, affirmations, encouragement you think of for your friend, capture and send in an email as soon as you can.

      Hope that helps.


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        I like where its going...

        Pav, Todd, thanks for the insights.
        I like both the ideas of having on AOF and on Projects. Projects list seems like it would pop up more often. Todd, I liked your ideas of really going through the NPM to flesh out NA that I cant even see yet.