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Seminar dilemma

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  • Seminar dilemma

    I have been gnawing this over for a while, and i need some first hand opinions.
    There is a Making it all work seminar in London in September. I really want to go. But.
    It's going to be very expensive for me. It's going to involve a lot of travelling, and it's a full 8 hours, which with my health as it is, may be a bit questionable. That said, i could make it happen.
    I have the GTD Fast CDs and i know how motivating David's speaking is. I am also partly worried that the seminar will duplicate a lot and not actually be very useful. Basically i am toing and froing and not sure at all if i should try and make it happen or not.

    I hope someone who has been at a seminar, especially the Making it all Work one, can give me some opinions. Is it very mentally intense? Does it duplicate a lot? What has it given you that you couldn't from the books, CDs etc?

    I know this is really my own dilemma, so any effort is appreciated

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    I had similar questions and concerns, also had GTD Fast, and about 5 years of experience with the system. I called Davidco and they helped me decide. In my case, I put the money toward telecoaching. It was just right for me and I loved it!

    Give them a call. They are very helpful.


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      Linada, judging from the level of understanding GTD your posts show on this forum...

      ...don't go. It's at least the same decision I made for myself for similar reasons. Yes, David is an awesome presenter and his "add-on" products usually are high quality and worth the money.

      But if the money is tight and the obstacles are high and given the fact on basically "got" GTD, it is IMHO too high a price to pay. There must be more on your 40, 000 ft map than blackbelt-GTD and some of it more important.

      Well, this is my opinion (and decision; I do like DA really a lot), so take it for what it is.


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        It seems to me that you answered yourself in your post.