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Google Search... getting the BEST resources?!

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  • Google Search... getting the BEST resources?!

    How do I find the best on the web every time I search for a specific topic?

    Is it at all possible to ensure I get the most comprehensive resources every single time so I can focus my research only on those aggregated and most popular few, websites, forums and blogs?

    I keep running into the problem of Information Overload which sometimes leads to meltdown... "where on earth do i start and know that i am getting the best?!"

    In the past I have been doing this by typing the phrase 'Top 10' with every google search entry so that I acquire the Top 10 lists for that search.

    Does anyone have any ideas or advise ?

    All the best,
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    My favourite google tips are:

    1) The minus (-) symbol. This removes irrelevant words from your search. For example, if you wanted to do a search about Microsoft Bing and didn't want any Chandler-Bing-from-Friends related hits, you could search for Bing -Chandler or Bing -Chandler -Friends. This also works if you want to avoid results from particular websites; I might search for charger N95 -ebay with Google Product Search to avoid getting loads of ebay hits.

    2) The filetype: search. I usually use this for PDF files, when I want to find some longer reports or academic articles. I've also looked for filetype: xls, which is a handy way to find Excel templates. As an example, you could search for GTD filetype: pdf or expenditure filetype: xls.

    NOTE: There shouldn't be a space between filetype: and pdf or xls; without a space, they make and .

    I don't know if either of those tips are particularly useful for the kind of searches you're doing, but they've both definitely made my online searches more productive!


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      What about going to buying and reading a good (gasp) book? That would give you a head-start on more specialized search terms.

      Also shared bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, reddit are similiar to your top-10 idea.
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        For technical searches, use Google Scholar, not standard Google.

        It focuses specifically on the various peer-reviewed journals.

        There are also lots of field-specific search engines and aggregators out there.



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          thanks for all your help guys.



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            New Search tool

            Try also Wolfram Alpha I found it very interesting and focused


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              Originally posted by clango View Post
              Try also Wolfram Alpha I found it very interesting and focused
              For me it's worthless, not near enough depth in the technical areas I was searching and missed some critical common data. Has potential but needs a lot of work to make it useful for my searching