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End of year - perfect time to start GTD for real?

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  • End of year - perfect time to start GTD for real?

    I am planning on spending 2-3 days between the holidays sometime this weekend to go through all my belongings and throw away stuff I don't need/get stuff wrapped up to give away, etc.

    I think that end of the year is the perfect time for all of you guys who are thinking of starting GTD but haven't yet. We are here to always listen, share, and give advice.

    I thought I would post this to encourage those who have put away implementing the system until now

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    Thanks for the encouragement. I've been dipping my toes in the water but have yet to dive in! Next Action and Project lists are working well but I need to spend the next week trying to get my file system isn't even close...and hopefully by January, I can take the big plunge. Hope others join me!


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      New year, new start

      Hello Alsa,

      yesterday I started to read the GTD book again and found that my paperwork at home and several social projects need some improvement.
      The end of this year and the fact that I will be off from work for the next two weeks are an opportunity to give my implementation of GTD in the not work related areas of my life a new start (weeding through a lot of file folders, planning private projects etc).



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        I began working on GTD on the 22-23rd but did not get as far as I wished. Once I return home, I'll probably take another day to finish the filing cabinet.

        Take my advice: clear your schedule BEFORE you begin or you won't get it all done.

        Thanks to all those at DA Co for the awesome difference you're making in so many lives.