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Notes to GTD implementation ?

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  • Notes to GTD implementation ?

    Do I have it correct that notes (notes taken on paper) are to be completly put into my GTD system (Outlook) and then the paper notes are filled for backup? Today, I keep my paper notes with my along with putting into my GTD System. Since I'm in sales, it is easier to have the paper with me, even if I'm carring several file folders of stuff. Now, if the proper way is to put my notes into my GTD system and leave the paper in a file folder for future reference (CYA), I might be able to stop carrying everything with me. Then I guess I can have everything then sync'd with my Palm and Outlook and achieve the GTD principals of mental calmness.

    Do I have this note to GTD process correct?


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    notes and GTD

    Threre is no one right way to handle notes, but they do have to be handled. You certainly have to extract any next actions, projects, waiting fors, et cetera from them. In some jobs you might need to/want to file the raw notes, in others extract reference data at the same time as actions et cetera, and throw the raw notes away.


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      Thanks for reply

      thanks for your reply. Personally, I have a tough time with legal paper, and then putting them in a folder. Eventually, I end up carring a large folder with me with notes. I need to improve my process of getting them into my GTD system. I do prefer to carry a record book (300 pages, bounded). It is nice to go back and reference something in the past quickly. Cross out items when it does get into my system.


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        I have found one effective way after reviewing my notes and capturing next actions or projects is to scan the notes and save to my hard drive for review later if necessary.


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          I throw my notes away. This ensures that they have been fully Processed. If they need to be kept, they need to be in the GtD system, which includes reference files.



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            Use a pad

            I use the notes as a collect-all inbox. Once processed the relevant items should have gone into various 'workflow' buckets. After that the notes are not required and get thrown off.

            To make sure that I am not lagging behind or procrastinating on processing my 'notes' inbox, I use a pad and not a binder. With a binder or notebook, it is easy to just turn the page and continue. With a pad, more pages I write, more inconvenient it becomes to use it. So I am forced to process the notes.