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FIFO sorting in Outlook

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  • FIFO sorting in Outlook

    I'd like to have my Next Actions sorted by First in First Out method to do them. Does anyone know how to do that in Outlook (couldn't find any field in Tasks that is responsible for the start date of the task).

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    Hi Mih,

    In my version of Outlook 2007, it is possible to insert the equivalent of a "Created"-column as well as a "Start date"-column in any of the task views. (Since my version is in Swedish, I do not know the correct field names in the English version.)

    Then you could just sort the task list on the mentioned column, which would do the trick, if I understood your question the right way.



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      Outlook 2003 also has a Created field which can be added to the grid and have the tasks sorted by this.

      Point of order though. The date the task was created isn't one of the things that should go into deciding what task to do next when looking at the lists. The things go consider are: where are you are (context), how much time you have, how much energy level, and importance of the task.


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        Thank you a lot! I will try to find the "Created" field. I would like to have the tasks sorted by FIFO because of a few reasons. I know that I should concider context, time available, energy and priority while choosing. I have only two major contexts now: @Work and @Home so there's not too much of sorting here. Time and energy are not the best sorters either. If the task is on the list it have to be done anyway. Priority works sometimes but anyway I have to do all the tasks on my list. So I'd like to try FIFO approach and concentrate not on choosing what to do but DO, DO, DO.

        Thanks again!