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Difference between Someday and Somedayed Project Actions?

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  • Difference between Someday and Somedayed Project Actions?

    I have recently purchased the GTD Outlook Add In but am a little confused as to the difference between the Someday category in the tasks area, and the actual Tasks folder called Somedayed Project Actions.

    Could someone be kind enough to explain what each are meant to be used for? I'm assuming the Somedayed Project Actions are where you store all the next actions for a particular project, and the Someday category are where you put projects or NAs which you want to do someday/maybe??

    Thanks for your help.

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    He Guest,

    Somedayed Project Actions are the answer to the question: "What happens to the actions associated with a project, when I decide to move the Project to my Someday list?" It is the place where actions associated with a Project are stored when the associated Project is moved to Someday. When you open the master project task and change its status from Someday to Projects, the Project along with its associated Tasks are moved out of Someday and into the appropriate Context.



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      Thank you Gordon!

      If it is for storing next actions for someday projects, then where do you store further actions for projects you're currently working on (i.e. not the next actions, but the actions that follow)??

      I'm not finding the manual as helpful as I require for understanding the proper implementation of the GTD system in Microsoft Outlook unfortunately.

      If there's anyone here who can spend a few minutes going through the GTD process in Outlook (specifically referring to managing actions and projects rather than email) and the recommended methods I'd appreciate it. It seems from reading a few posts that everyone has their own methods for implementing the GTD system.

      Thanks in advance!


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        I would be interested in a walk through as well

        I am just starting with the outlook add-in and would be interested in learning best practices


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          All -

          As I understand it - "Future Actions" (as opposed to Next Actions) are stored in the Project Outline, or notes field of the Task that bears the project's name - in the "Projects" category created by your GTD Add-In


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            Well, here's what I've decided to do...

            After a quick read through the PDF manual, I still can't figure out the suggested procedure for managing future project actions, so I've created a new category/action called Future Actions. Any action relating to a project which isn't next just gets dumped in this category. The second I complete a next action I then pick an action under the project I want to do next (in Active Tasks by Project view) and change the action from Future Actions to whatever applies.

            So far, it's working fine and seems to be making me work through projects much quicker.

            Btw, do you guys ever write a to-do list at the beginning of the day with a few things you want to focus on? Or is this against the rules of the GTD system?