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Problems with Add in Toolbar and Outlook

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  • Problems with Add in Toolbar and Outlook

    I'm using the latest version of the Add in Toolbar with Outlook 2003. I use a company owned computer, and my company will not provide IT support for the Add in Toolbar.

    The toolbar seems to slow down replying to emails. And, now every time I try to reply to an email I get the "Add an Action" screen. I don't need that for every reply! Also, I used to have options when creating an email: Send & delegate, send & defer, etc. Those options no longer show up.

    Should I be using the original version of the Add in Toolbar? Would that work better with Outlook 2003?

    Can anyone help? I love the toolbar, but it causes delays and problems!

    ...maybe 3.0 will fix...?

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    Have you tried Netcentrics Support team

    Have you tried Netcentrics support team?

    What you describe doesn't sound like expected behavior to me. Have you restarted your computer lately? I find that often jogs these kinds of programs when they go astray.


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      Thanks. Yes, I have restarted my computer. After experiencing this problem for days, it has mysteriously stopped! Netcentrics never responded to my question, by the way.