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    Just a quick note to let everyone know how great the Dallas GTD Seminar was the last couple of days. I've read the book twice and listen to the Audible book version pretty often but learned tons of great stuff to get my head clear and stay focused on what can be done depending on where I am, my energy level, and what next actions need doing.

    If you've never attended, I highly recommend it.

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    Thanks for that testimonial!

    As a matter of fact, our next "public seminar" is the THIRD day, "Getting Things Done: Focus and Vision" workshop to be held in Santa Monica, California.

    I'll be there, and I think we're getting close to a "full house!"



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      Echoing Mike's comments

      I, too, was at the Dallas seminar, and it was great. If you've never seen David speak in person, you're missing a real treat. It's a first-class program all the way.

      And guess what? I flew back home to Phoenix mid-day Friday, and when I hit the ground I found out a subordinate had dropped the ball on two significant projects before going on vacation. Because I was up-to-date, having done some significant mind-sweeping and planning during the seminar and in the evenings, as well as on the flight back, I was able to jump right in and get things done. Of course, I did have to work a significant amount of time this weekend, and I've added a "talk-to-my-subordinate" item to her @Agendas list, but I got a lot done. In addition to getting the dumped projects done, I also set up a new computer system at home AND bought my wife a new car (which was one of the projects I brainstormed during the seminar).

      Jason, you'll have to mention the car purchase to Jodi. She heard me complain at lunch one day how I couldn't get my wife moving to buy the new car. During and after the seminar, I brainstormed the project, identified info we already had and decisions we'd already made, identified the remaining actions we needed to take, and shared it all with my wife. That broke the logjam -- well, that and the fact that I described to her my vision of a successful outcome for the new project: her pulling into the driveway of our home in her brand new Toyota Highlander!

      I recommend the seminar to all. I have been using the GTD system, at least to an extent, for some time now, but the seminar has really re-energized me, and convinced me I can still make huge improvements.

      And I'm getting so much done!

      Randy Stokes