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Implementing GTD for Sales People

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  • Implementing GTD for Sales People

    I'm taking Friday off to give myself 3 full days to implement GTD at home and work. I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to implement GTD at work without just creating a lot more duplicate work for myself. Can any sales people give me advice on how to structure a GTD system around a Business Development focused career? How do you use your GTD system along with a CRM like Siebel without it becoming overwhelming?

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    An example using

    Hi Gr8ful2GTD,

    You might check out this post by Ismael Ghalimi. He uses to structure his system. Not precisely what you're looking for, but might be a good start.

    Best wishes,


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      I am also in sales, and faced the same issue.

      (I was using ACT at the time)

      I tried to make act conform to the GTD structure and it did not quite work...

      I ended up keeping sales related actions in the CRM, and personal projects/action lists in toodledo with reminders in both systems to check the other system on regular basis.