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"Waiting for" vs @Agenda

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  • "Waiting for" vs @Agenda

    If I ask my boss to do something, do I put the item on a waiting for list or under his node in my @Agenda list? Keeping a log of items under her @Agenda node seems like it would be easiest, but I want to see what other blackbelts are doing?

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    I use @Agenda for items I want to cover during a formal meeting (like a Team or Staff meeting)

    I use @<name> for information I want to cover with a specific person when I see them (whether a planned meeting or a one-on-one quick conversation in the hallway)


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      "@ Face???"

      Happy New Year All!

      Very ironic that this should come up... with the close of the year, and the beginning of the new (and all the days away from the office that it allows); I've been brainstorming "re-tooling" my system a bit.

      Here's one of my observations:

      - eliminate the @ People cat; since I have never really gotten a high volume of use out of it...Maybe replace w/@ Face-to-Face; to emphasize HOW I want to have the discussion (in other words, ONLY sensitive things that I want to discuss face-to-face) or move to the larger "context" where I normally see the person face-to-face


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        First I have to say that this is nowhere near a blackbelt-level response! I have tried both ways, and ultimately date-stamped entries on my Waiting For list worked best for me. If I just attached them to a note on @Agenda under his name I wouldn't see or remember it until the weekly review (I never have gotten the hang of the Agenda category), and I never wanted to interrupt my review to go bug him about whatever it was I was waiting for. Also, as a point of reference, my interaction with my boss is constant (so I'm waiting on a significant number of things at any given time), and I use the Palm.


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          I keep the @Person category for the "agenda" when I am next at that person. When I've assigned the task, I then move it to @Waiting For, making sure that I add the persons initial as a prefix, and also a note at the end for date assigned, and due - looks like

          DS - Provide staffing report (A:6/1, D:9/1)

          As DA says, it is important to date stamp all items, and this is ever so much more so with Waiting For items.

          I like to have all my WF's in a single place.


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            I have a folder called [ Delegated Tasks ] that I use for this purpose.