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What custom lists do you have?

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  • What custom lists do you have?

    Throw 'em out there - I know there's some lists out there I can use!

    My favorite David Allen custom list is "Whenever you're in..." He uses it to list all those things people say, like "Whenever you're in Niagara Falls, you've GOT to go to Suze Q's Barbecue!" I don't travel enough to use it, but I like the idea.

    Here are mine:
    • Movie theme party ideas
    • Food tasting party ideas
    • Time reporting codes
    • Books to read
    • Movies to watch
    • Songs to download
    • Things to do this summer
    • Home improvement ideas
    • Things that make me happy

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    I keep birthday and christmas gift idea lists for each of my three kids, and my lovely wife!

    Other than that, an @Errands list for when I'm just out and about but I think "standard GTD" may have that one covered.

    Maybe get - music - for when I hear some cool song in a commercial I haven't heard in years . Also one for books and blogs...


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      Here are my lists:

      Areas of Focus-Work
      Areas of Focus-Personal

      I have all the standard context list categories in OmniFocus.


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        • Affirmations
        • Movies to Watch with GF - Two lists, one is mine and one is hers and we alternate when looking for something new.
        • Prescriptions I take
        • Packing List - Work
        • Packing List - Personal


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          Work in progress, here's what I have so far:

          Category: Areas of focus
          * Current job

          Category: Checklists
          * Travel - Overseas work trip

          Category: GTD system (general checklists and notes while I get used to my system)
          * E-mails - 1. Processing and organising overview
          * E-mails - 2. Someday
          * Outlook setup

          Category: Loans
          * Borrowed
          * Lent

          Category: Might like to try/buy
          * Books
          * Music

          These all sync with the Notes app in my Nokia 6220 phone, so I can see them at any time and also add new notes. The phone notes is also where I capture ideas on the move - better than having a notebook and pencil in the pub (not quite that old yet!).


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            These are taken directly from my phone:

            - clothing info (sizes, colors, or other info)
            - dog qualities (just in case we come across him/her)
            - health & beauty info (some make-up info and vitamin types)
            - music
            - office supplies needed
            - presents people want
            - shows/movies to watch
            - skin irritants (I need hypoallergenic)
            - vision board (all the items on my vision board typed in text format)


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              • books to maybe buy
              • gardening jobs per time of year
              • life's goals
              • software packages to keep an eye on
              • plus various professional ones


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                I have lots of lists in various places.

                Lists as Open Office text files
                Books Owned - Fiction
                Books Owned - Nonfiction
                Books on Kindle
                Books Wanted
                Books Wanted on Kindle (in Amazon save for later list)
                Video & DVDs Owned
                Video & DVD's Wanted
                Music CD's Owned
                Music CDs Wanted

                Lists on my Treo phone as notes
                Clothing notes for hubby & me (sizes, colors, prices and where to buy)
                Electronet sizes and repair status
                Sheep Drug Doses for common Drugs
                Knitting Needle Inventory
                Historical Pattern Inventory
                Scrapbook Retreat Packing List
                Lamb Bag inventory
                Sheep Semen Inventory
                Horse Semen Inventory

                Lists in SplashShopper
                Packing List for normal trips and for camping
                Scotch to try
                All shopping lists

                Lists in Omnifocus as Someday Maybe projects
                Places to Visit
                Gift Possibilities by Person
                Recipes to try
                Writing Story Ideas

                Lists the Paper Reference Files
                Reading order for book series of favorite authors
                List of movies rented on Netflix


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                  OK Oogiem, with some of those lists I just can't help myself but to ask what it is that you do??


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                    Originally posted by cojo View Post
                    OK Oogiem, with some of those lists I just can't help myself but to ask what it is that you do??
                    Why, she's a Black Sheep Shepherdess, of course!


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                      Originally posted by cojo View Post
                      OK Oogiem, with some of those lists I just can't help myself but to ask what it is that you do??
                      Raise sheep. On a small farm in western Colorado. Also do all sorts of fiber art, also own Arabian horses and have lots of hobbies.


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                        My current lists...

                        I currently have:

                        List: Accounts Payable (all payees, with columns for Past Due (just in case), One-time, and Recurring payments)
                        List: Accounts Receivable (not a long enough list, I'm afraid)
                        List: Address Book
                        List: Four hour Workweek notes (I'm currently reading this)
                        List: Jokes
                        List: Toiletries (I have a toiletries bag with everything and this is a list of what other stuff I have supplied away)
                        List: Nonviolent Communication notes (reading this great book by Marshall Rosenberg)
                        List: Someday/Maybe (To Buy, Clothing, Learn, Music/Movies/Books, Organize Fix or Make, R&D, Talk To, Travel, Work-Related)
                        List: Thoughts about relationships I'm in
                        List: Quotes I like
                        List: Vocab to look up

                        Lists that I'm not adding to anymore go into paper or digital storage (the "Vault"), and I have dozens of those.




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                          Just added "vocab to look up" to my lists. Good one, that.


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                            Vocab list

                            That one has come in VERY handy! I make a note of any good word (or phrasing I like) that I come across.

                            I used to try to expand my vocabulary by looking up random words or using vocab books, but they have no application. By writing down virtually every new word I come across, I expand my vocabulary specifically to suit my needs. Having an immediate connection to a new word makes it all the easier to implement them. It also helps in picking up regionalisms in dealing with the public.

                            Here are a few of the latest additions, just for kicks:
                            "Katy bar the door"
                            Duke's mixture
                            wet blanket man
                            hatchet man
                            attribution (as used in medical diagnosis)



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                              Try Click Shopping Organizer

                              For shopping lists, you might want to try the Click Shopping Organizer. It is great for making shopping lists.[URL=""]. It's really got a lot of great features. And it doesn't try to be a general purpose list tool. It focuses on shopping, and does a great job.