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How to define a next task that might be a big task

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  • How to define a next task that might be a big task

    Again, just looking for best practicies.
    Let's say you have an issue log for a project or something, with 20 issues on it. Your job is to review the log, and act on each one, with each one maybe becoming multiple actions.
    Would I throw in a next action of:
    "Review open issues and determine next action for each." That seems to me like a concrete, physical task.
    or put in an action item for each one?

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    It seems to me that you first have a single next action (if you can get it done in one sitting): Review the list. That list is like an inbox. As you go through it, each of the issues may become it's own project because there is more than one tasks associated with each issue. For each new project, you then have a single "next action" (plus any other "project" details you might need to document in a separate location).



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      I tried that and it worked. Thanks!