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Organising Tasks Alphabetically

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  • Organising Tasks Alphabetically

    I'm relatively new to GTD but I'm getting there!

    I have a Palm Tungsten E and prefer the simplicity of the Palm Desktop over Outlook.

    The only thing that bugs me about the native palm software is that it won't let me sort tasks alphabetically.

    Are there any like minded souls out there with an elegant solution/compromise?

    Gloucester, UK

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    RE: Organising Tasks Alphabetically

    I have been looking for the same thing for years. Outlook will sort them alphabetically, but you have to use outlook. There is a palm application called Cando, which has a new feature that sorts tasks alphabetically within it's category in the palm, but that won't help much on the desktop.

    One way to work around this is to make all of your tasks which aren't date specific the same priority and use dates as codes to get the list to sort however you want them to. You could use priority 1 to indicate that an item is date specific and priority 3 for all others. There is a free eccopro application which will make this pretty easy to do, and eccopro is also free, but ecco is intemidating for some folks.

    If anyone knows of anything else, I would be very interested...



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      Use Memos

      I have recently switched to having each NA be a memo rather than a task. Memos sort alphabetically. Of course, if you use due dates or priorities, memos won't work, but as it turns out, it's easiest for me to just look at them alphabetically (NA's from a project automatically sort together if you name them right).


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        Thanks for your thoughts Dwight and Taxgeek

        I suppose the nearest solution to what I'm looking for would be to site Tasks in Memos. I've had a look at Cando and Eccopro but am going to try siting Projects in there first and see how I get on with it.

        Thanks again.


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          If you have access to a Mac, the Palm Desktop software for Mac allows you to sort tasks (to-dos) alphabetically on the desktop. I use this to help me see if my projects have next actions assigned.



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            Thanks George. Unfortunately I'm not using a Mac as much as I would like to!