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Really Basic GTD Outlook Question

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  • Really Basic GTD Outlook Question

    I am trying to determine if Outlook will work for me with GTD. I currently use plain Vanilla desktop and palm, but my firm is moving to Outlook and I'm trying to figure out if it is worthwhile it to switch. My boss would like to be able to view my task list, so he can see what clients I am working on. Additionally, the firm is leery of letting me use the add-in, but I may be able to swing it. (One question for Add-in users below).

    For those of you who do NOT use the add-in, how to you switch a task from, say, @WaitingFor to @Calls? (Each of those are categories, I'm assuming.) In my brief time playing with Outlook 2000 in the training room yesterday, it looked like you would want to create a view that grouped your tasks by category. Then, to switch context, you can drag a task to the new category. Problem is, that just duplicates the task in the new category. How to you get it to just MOVE to the new category?

    For those of you who DO use the add-in, are any of you on networks using Outlook 2000? Do you just load it on your personal computer? If you are "sharing" tasks in a department, so other people can see your task lists, does one person having the add-in interfere with the other people's (non-gtders) viewing pleasure?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hi Taxgeek,

    There are two ways. First, double click the task form to call it to screen and then click on the categories box. You can then select the new category and de-select the old one. This moves the entry.

    Second, you can right click on the task form in one of the views and then select categories from the pop up menu. Then you can select the new category and de-select the old. This works for groups as well. You can change the category attribution of a whole group of tasks (or notes) by right clicking on the category header for that group when viewing the list sorted by categories. This is a great way to move things if you change your category scheme.

    Glad to help.



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      Taxgeek --

      I run outlook 2002 at work on exchange server enviroment and I don't share my task list but from what I can see and (what I've heard from others ) the add in appears to be a bunch of vba macros running in outlook --I can't imagine it would interfere with someone else viewing your task list.

      If I connect to server via vpn without the plug in installed on home pc -outlook appears exactly the same --the add in tool bar just isn't there.

      You'd probably want to question NetCentrics tech support before purchasing.

      Ask your IS people to check out the plug in (a trial version is available)
      it's pretty solid . I understand why they're nervous about software installs outside the coporate norm--but NetCentrics is no amateur .

      almost forgot ---- the software is installed on your own pc --not on the network --it doesn't touch the network from what I can tell. I don't see any reason why it would need to .


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        Thanks guys!

        I really appreciate your comments. Helps immensly!


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          GTD with Outlook


          If you have a palm, then KEYSUITE by Chapura is an excellent program. It makes your palm act like OUTLOOK.

          I love it because you can have multiple categories and link contacts to the tasks and appointment. This works great with Bill Kratz' Project-as-Contact method. :P



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            If anyone is interesting in dicussing KeySuite, we have a new support group for it on Yahoogroups.

   or send e-mail to