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How many copies of your GTD system do you have?

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  • How many copies of your GTD system do you have?

    I run my GTD system through PersonalBrain and use Dropbox to sync that between my work PC, home laptop and my wife's PC (for backup and sometimes more convenient access). Sometimes there is a copy on my USB stick as well.

    So that makes four at most. Why only four? Because I don't keep a copy in my head!

    And that's GTD.

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    2 plus backups

    1 copy on my main Mac computer, one copy on my Treo phone. Backups exist on the main server irregularly when I do a by hand backup and also via my Time Machine backup to our RAID server every hour or so.


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      I've got 2 systems; one for 'work' and one for 'personal/some work'.

      'Work' one is in Outlook 2007, on my work desktop PC. The PST data file and all my document folders are backed up on the work server and removable drive every evening.

      My 'personal/some work' system is synced between Outlook 2002 on my home desktop PC and my Windows Mobile phone. PST is backed up weekly.

      Any personal files and documents are on a 8gb MicroSD card that's usually in the phone and is backed up to the home PC several times a week too.

      Thinking this through makes me realise I should start backing up the home PST more often than weekly!




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        Laptop, iphone and laptop backup... unless you count all those incremental, hourly backups using time machine.., then it's a whole bunch.

        - Don


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          Ha! Neat topic.

          I only have one, though I have a pretty thorough backup system for all my digital stuff.


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            3 current

            I use omnifocus and sync between my 2 macs and iphone, plus 18 months of daily back up on each of the machines