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outlook and digital reference/project support material

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  • outlook and digital reference/project support material

    I would be very interested in hearing some of the ways in which folks who are using the updated version of the gtd outlook add-in are implementing the filing of digital or even scanned in sheets of "reference material" and/or "project support material" into outlook (as these terms are used by Dave Allen and incorpated into his 'Workflow' model).

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    Three Simple Letters:



    Whether I store it in Outlook - as part of a PST folder; or on a hard disk or server - this has become my standard media. Anything you can print on paper, you can "print" to a PDF.

    Thank You Adobe!


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      Rich, how do you set up your outlook files for reference. Do you use any kind of organizing nomenclature. Do you file all your reference material for a particular project in its own individual directory? How do you bring it up in outlook? Do you need to use the find function to quickly go to the files?

      Regards, Mike


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        Mike -

        I have a PST folder with my name on it.

        Inside that I have folders for each client.

        Inside those folders, I have a "General Reference" folder; plus a "Process & Procedures" folder; and a folder for the Daily/Weekly Status Reports that client generates.

        Also inside the Client folder, I have Project Folders that are named with the Job Number our Agency assigns to each Project as it opens up.

        Inside those project folders - I collect all the e-mails from the start of the project to the final billing.

        When the project is complete - I print the contents as a PDF and save it to our Department Server, under the Client's file there. This way, anyone else in the dept can review the history of the project, after I've (possibly) moved on to another client.

        I have a parallel hierarchy set up for departments that I manage, and people reporting into me.


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          Thanks for sharing the design setup for how you implement file organization in outlook.

          Had a question for you: When you move the email out of you outlook inbox to a client's file do you keep it in outlook email format or do you convert the email to a pdf file at that point ?

          Also, do you find yourself scanning in a lot of non-digital paperwork (say as pdf files) for inclusion in your client project folders, or do you find yourself needing to keep extensive paper files for a client as well?

          Regards, Mike


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            Mike -

            You hit the nail on the head. I transform the Outlook E-Mails into a PDF - and move the PDF to the Client file on the server. At that point - I "Delete All" off the orginal e-mails from my Outlook PST's.

            Some of the people that I deal with are in a satellite office, so some of the paperwork like signed estimates, etc... already come to me as PDF's (yay) This is a tremendous help.

            I DO wind up having paper folders for the same projects, BUT - I don't duplicate what is in the PDF in the paper file, or vice-versa. Organizing Guru's for years have said "keep everything in one place" but I dont think the conversion process back and forth would actually slow down true productivity. It is very simple. It is either here - or there. I think if there were more than two places it would get confusing and slow you down.