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Looking for Quote/Article on Outlining

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  • Looking for Quote/Article on Outlining

    I read a post here at some point about someone from David Allen Co. (I think?) who either wrote or was quoted as saying something along the lines of "outlining is the enemy of organized". I may not have that quite right but it was basically something that commented that outlining, or perhaps excessive outlining, is usually counter productive. Does anyone know where I might have seen that or have a link? I did some searching but with no luck.


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    I'm sorry I don't have the article for you. My thoughts: Outlining is crucial to managing projects. Creating one is the absolute first thing I do when starting a new one. However, as you point out, it's also a trap if you're using it to over-plan. I definitely recommend "less is more," given how fast things change and how much new information comes in at each step of the plan. My 2c!


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      I donīt have the quote either, but what you say sounds very familiar, I think David said that in some audio material, maybe a teleseminar on projects or natural planning model? If you are really looking for the quote, you might want to listen to those, Iīm sure itīs in there somewhere.


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        I don't know if that's what you want, but... I remember DA talking about the desire to have all the relations between the various levels 0k - 50k in a relational database, so that the database can calculate/show true priority levels. But, as he uses to point out, this is not practical becuase things change too fast and as this is a given you want to go for the level of sophistication with the most ROI so to speak; and that is the plain flat list. (I believe that with MLO, Omnifocus ect it really shifted to 'outline', if the user is digital native. But the bulk of DA's coaching clients? ) You can find this in the podcasts DA did with Merlin Mann, don't know which one though.


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          If you look up "outlines, planning and" in the index in the back of GTD, you'll be referred to pages 60-61. I think that has what you're looking for.