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  • VISA Receipts

    Hi everyone

    I currently handle about 3 VISAs - one personal, one for work and one for side business

    Are there any tips to handle this paper volume so I can quickly perform some quick actions? I also have the receipts on my mind wondering how I will sort it all out at the end of the month


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    A) "Paper Perpective" - get 3 packages of 12 envelopes that will fit into a binder (size of your choosing). All the major Day Planner manufacturers make these. THis is what I did with my PayStubs, ATM Receipts and Visa Receipts for years - and it worked wonderfully.

    One Pouch = One Month/One Card

    B) "Palm Perspective" - Pocket Quicken

    If you want to go for something less extravegant, enter them into Palm's own "Expense" app - as "Visa" charges. Expense also allows 15 categories - so you could simply create a category for each of the accounts - then export to an Excel Spreadsheet every month, and sort by Category.


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      I use Quicken to manage my VISA receipts. About once a week I go through the receipt pile and enter them into their accounts. It doesn't take very long because Quicken memorizes the main details of the places where you charge. I then put the receipts into a check box (that is, a box that holds cancelled checks) with tabs for each month. At the end of the month I reconcile the VISA account via Quicken and don't even look at the VISA receipts unless there is a discrepancy. I'm only doing this for a single VISA, but the principle should apply for three of them.

      I'm a big Palm fan and have tried Pocket Quicken but found that it just made me feel rushed when making my purchases. It was easier for me to just type the receipts into PC Quicken later on.


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        RE: quicken

        I'm not presently using quicken (thinking about it) but I thought that if you have the right credit card, quicken can download the relevant info for you thus saving you the trouble of typing that info into your quicken credit card accounts.