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New convert - any social interaction?

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  • New convert - any social interaction?


    I have the audiobook and the GTD book. I have been enjoying listening to the audiobook today and over the weekend.

    I live in the UK and I am in my mid-thirties. I am very well-qualified, with good IT qualifications, fluent foreign language skills and a good academic background including a business degree. But I am disappointed to be single and in a dead end job.

    I think that bad organisation is at the heart of the differential between where I would like to be in life and where I am. I find it difficult to date effectively, to find better paid employment effectively and - most worryingly at the moment - to pay my taxes on time.

    My organisation gets as far as putting receipts in piles and occasionally into envelopes. I do this probably every two months. The rest of the time I let stuff build up around my room.

    I think that this book can help me dig myself out of my situation but in my experience I could do with a bit of social interaction to help drag me away from my unfortunate personal habits.

    Perhaps I might get lucky with my internet dating and find an organised wife to sweep away the bad habits. But in reality I think I will be best served by meeting other GTD advocates.

    Can anyone suggest me where to go next?


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    Congratulations on taking this step!

    Yes, I think GTD can help you a lot.

    I'd suggest these as your next steps:

    1. Read the book thoroughly and attentively. You won't get all of it, and that's normal; there's a lot to absorb. But it is important to comprehend the whole system, even broadly.

    2. Set aside some time for a complete sweep. When this time arrives, gather and dump all your unfiled papers into one pile. Begin the process there, using the workflow outlined in the book.

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes. This forum is an effective way to get answers to your questions, and just generally commiserate about the process.


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      See if there is a group on . . . I just checked and don't see a group that is obviously a GTD group. You may want to start one or put a call for other interested people and see if there are enough in your area. Try also placing an ad on Craigslist.


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        Originally posted by hostage View Post
        But I am disappointed to be single and in a dead end job.
        I think that bad organisation is at the heart of the differential between where I would like to be in life and where I am.
        Welcome to the forum, and to GTD. The book can help, yes - also read "Making It All Work" by David Allen. Very inspirational regarding achieving your vision through concrete action. Good luck meeting up with other GTDers.


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          Another UK GTD'er


          Welcome to GTD and the Forum.

          I think your best place to start is to read the book, wholly embrace and implement the system over a period of time, and see what happens from there, take this one big step first and, you should, like me find that over time things fall into place and it gives you a lot more control and perspective on life.

          Also try joining the GTD Virtual Study Group, as well as on here, there is a great community of people that can help, I know I have learnt a lot from people on here.

          GTD Virtual Study Group :



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            Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a GTD hangout on google plus in half an hour?

            8:30PM GMT / 3:30PM EST / 12:30 PST Sun 5 Feb.