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Anyone use an @Anytime list?

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  • Anyone use an @Anytime list?

    In implementing the GTD system recently, I had a number of items with which I did not know what to do: reading, practicing the piano, working on my car, going for a run, hitting golf balls, etc. These are items that aren't necessary to get done, but that I wanted to do more. When I had these as projects or assigned tasks, they felt more like chores instead of relaxing items. So I put these and about 10 others into something I call @Anytime. Thus, if I am at home and I don't have anything to do, I check this list and see what's available.

    Has anyone done anything similar?
    Are there different ways to get these types of personal improvement tasks done?

    Brian D.
    Alexandria, VA

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    This is a great example of GtD principals. Basically, make a list of actions, refer to the list when you're in that particular context and pick out an action to do. It really doesn't matter what you call this list as long as it has significance to you. The key is to refer to the list and do an action.

    My only suggestion would be to make sure to review this list during your weekly review. You may find that you need to move some of these actions to hardscape or your task list occasionally, if you find that you're not doing them as often as you want.


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      I do something like this - I keep a few different Memos (I use Palm) like "Rewards List" (for when I successfully complete a project and think I deserve a little something for my trouble), "Dumb List" (stuff for when I'm just too fried to be very productive), "Stuff To-Do" anywhere...I keep them in Memo because they're not things I want to put on a list and check off. I find that it is very important to make sure they're part of the weekly review, or they never happen.